As work has become more geographically dispersed, productivity and design tools have benefited most from the move to collaboration and true multiplayer capabilities. Developer tools have been lagging behind. We're going to change that, starting with incident resolution.

Infrastructure has become increasingly complex. Kubernetes, containers, and microservices have made it difficult to reason about downtime and incidents. Failure is now a side-effect of infrastructure design, not a flaw, but the move to cloud-native has made it harder for DevOps engineers and SREs to debug their applications and services.

This is why we are creating Fiberplane; collaborative notebooks for resolving incidents. Our goal is to provide teams with context around an incident, ready for collaborative debugging. We want to help SREs and DevOps engineers with coordinating work around an incident whilst building up a structured knowledge base that will provide teams with correlated incidents and resolutions in the future.

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